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VAPdesign offers comprehensive services for the integration of .NET web applications in system environments and for connecting all relevant interfaces.

The use of integration layers enables clean structuring and easy management of all integrated systems and interfaces. As a premium web service provider, we offer global companies advantages in creating complex solutions in which all systems are optimally coordinated. Using an architecture made up of different levels of integration, internal systems can be easily integrated with cloud solutions.

In addition to competence in web development, VAPdesign has the necessary integration skills as well as many years of experience in the connection of different technologies and complex IT integrations.

Cooperation partners, system integration and interfaces:

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IT system integration & interface management

IT infrastructures usually consist of a pool of stand-alone solutions that operate independently of each other.

By networking internal solutions, companies benefit from perfectly coordinated systems that optimally communicate with each other and thus reduce complexity.

System integration is the process that physically and functionally links different IT systems and software applications, so that they then act as a coordinated whole.

Together with VAPdesign you will obtain relevant business systems and the ability to map external cloud architectures in a common infrastructure.

  • Easy integration: Fast and optimal connection of systems via ready-made interfaces
  • Process control: Simple control and automation of processes without dependencies
  • Scalable: Integration of any number of systems and expansion of capacities on demand
VAPdesign - E-BUSINESS INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS: Your partner for bespoke business software development exactly tailored to your business: marketplace systems & trading platforms, crowdinvesting solutions & crowdfunding platforms, e-commerce, e-collaboration, e-procurement, public relations- & public affairs solutions database design and system integration. VAPdesign is your software architect. We plan and develop individual software and implement them with optimal technologies and methods. Together with you, VAPdesign draws up tailor-made individual software based on your specifications, which is tailored precisely to your requirements and wishes. For e-business solutions VAPdesign uses the HTML5, JavaScript / jQuery, CSS3 and ASP.NET technologies. As a relational database management system, VAPdesign uses only Microsoft SQL Server: VAPdesign creates intelligent, business-critical applications based on SQL Server with a scalable hybrid database platform that integrates everything from in-memory performance and enhanced security to the analysis of large amounts of data directly in the database. VAPdesign can give you a wealth of options to make your workflow more efficient. Use the know-how of VAPdesign and have VAPdesign develop a customized web application. So you can easily capture your data, evaluate and make it accessible to different groups of people.